Leaked Videos & Photos Of Mai Titi Trending (Watch Full Video)

Mai Tt (real name Felistas Murata) sent social media into frenzy this morning after her leak videos & photos were published, and she believes the violation was an act of “revenge” by her ex-husband (name supplied) and a former friend (name supplied).

Mai TT stated that she has subsequently contacted police in Zimbabwe and the United States of America of the cyber-bullying and revenge porn infringement, as her ex-husband is believed to be in the United States.

Mai TT told Chronicle Showbiz that her former pal was handed the nudes by her ex-husband and that the two conspired for the photos and film to be leaked.

“My ex-husband, who gave them to (name supplied), was the only person who had my nudes.” “I’ve already reported them in their home countries as well as here in Zimbabwe,” Mai TT stated.

She said her ex-husband was motivated by vengeance and had no idea why her former buddy leaked the pictures.

“I have no connection with her (former friend).” I’m not sure what she’s battling. “Revenge (from ex-husband) because he knows he will never step foot in Zimbabwe because of the money he stole, and I put him on the wanted list,” Mai TT explained.

The nudes that depict Mai TT totally naked appear to be taken from a video conversation.

Mai TT Leaked Videos & Photos By Ex-Husband

Mai TT went live on Facebook earlier this morning, with followers expecting her to address the nudes, but she instead marketed Father’s Day apparel for a Harare boutique.

She was aggressive at first, insisting that people should have up to 4,000 views before she addressed them, and fans assumed she was going to talk about leaked photos. When the views reached 4,000, Mai TT mentioned the boutique, and at the end of the video, she appeared to make a reference to the nudes, saying:

“Thank you for coming; at the very least, you’ve seen some things about suits and clothing.” I don’t have time for nonsense. Life is too short to be searching for gossip. We’re seeking for money and a place to live. Gossip is just for the wealthy. “If you have someone else’s stories, don’t hold them in,” she said.

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