Video of Garay and Natalia Giraldo, Filter Intimate Content Leaked Video


Learn more about the controversy around the video of the former couple of Colombian influencers Garay and Natalia Giraldo.

The video of Garay and Natalia Giraldo, two Colombian influencers, is trending on social media despite the fact that their relationship has already ended. This is because of the private material they formerly shot.

There are hundreds of comments referencing the footage that now seems to be uncensored on the internet, specifically a private video of the influencers that is allegedly making the rounds on Twitter.

If the two young individuals were famous as a pair, they are now pursuing different careers because their partnership ended in 2021, two years ago.

Despite the love that his followers expressed, Giraldo announced the split in a video on social media. The decision was well accepted by his audience, and both artists have continued their online careers as a result.

On Instagram, Garay presently has 664 thousand followers, while Natalia Giraldo has 1.1 million followers and is engaged to musician “Ben.”

Due to the revelation of a private film of the pair, all the controversy they managed to dodge looks to be back. Both of them have been silent thus far on their respective networks.

Although the perpetrator of the video leak is unclear, several internet theories contend that the same influencers may have done so in order to once again become relevant and popular.

The subject is still hot in Colombia, which is why it has sparked memes and jokes on Twitter, where many people are critical of Garay ST’s appearance in the video.

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