Watch Mona Heydari Head Leaked Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok

When the Mona Heydari Head Video was published online and spread across various social media platforms, the general public learned about this situation for the first time. At that time, a few other videos connected to his account had already begun to make the rounds online.

Sajjad Heydarnawa, who was filmed carrying the decapitated head of his wife, Mona, has been given a lighter punishment than many anti-government protesters.

Iranians are criticising an eight-year jail sentence given to a man who beheaded his wife, saying the punishment is far too lenient.

Iran’s judiciary announced on Wednesday that a man who beheaded his 17-year-old wife last year, has been sentenced to just eight years and two months in prison.

Sajjad Heydarnawa, whose name is also spelled Sajjad Heydari in English language media, was found guilty of murder, assault and disturbing public order.


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