EXCLUSIVE: OceanGate could face a FEDERAL probe for ‘negligent homicide’ if Titanic Five aren’t found alive because waiver that mentions death ‘three times’ does not ‘protect firm from criminal liability’

According to a legal expert, OceanGate could face a federal investigation into any criminal liability if the ‘Titanic Five’ is not found alive, as oxygen on the missing submersible is believed to have run out.

According to reports, a ‘combination’ of governments will likely investigate the tragedy in international waters, with the US expected to lead the investigation.

OceanGate’s 22-foot submersible, with five men on board, has been missing since Sunday after losing communication during a 12,500-foot dive beneath the Atlantic.

‘The question of whether OceanGate could face criminal liability has yet to be answered, but some government or perhaps a combination of governments will definitely investigate this tragedy,’ said the former LA County prosecutor.

‘Because OceanGate is based in Washington State, the US government is the most likely entity to lead this investigation.

‘Despite the fact that the company operated in international waters, the US government will almost certainly conclude that it has jurisdiction to investigate.

‘In some ways, this incident reminds me of a case in Arizona where three people died after participating in a sweat lodge in 2009.

‘The sweat lodge’s self-help entrepreneur was eventually convicted of negligent homicide.

‘People can give their consent to participate in dangerous activities, but that doesn’t mean the person in charge is completely immune from criminal liability.

‘If an investigation reveals that the participants were misled about the risks or were coerced into agreeing to activities they would normally avoid, then criminal charges may be filed.

‘The company’s use of a video game controller to steer this submarine is the kind of thing that calls for an investigation.

‘However, the CEO of the company is among the missing, and if he does not survive this entire episode, the question of who bears ultimate responsibility will be clouded.’

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