Gröna lund olycka video leaked, Roller coaster accident in the city of Gröna Lund

On Sunday, tragedy struck at Gröna Lund in Stockholm as a person lost their life and nine others were injured when a cart on the “Jetline” roller coaster derailed. Among those injured were both children and adults, all of whom were transported to a hospital for treatment. Annika Troselius, the information chief at Gröna Lund, expressed her shock and sadness at the unfortunate incident.

jetline accident video


As a result of the recent accident, Gröna Lund will remain closed for at least a week, according to a press conference held by the company. Today is a day of mourning for Gröna Lund, and our condolences go out to the families of the victims and those affected by the tragedy. We are currently assisting the police with their investigation and conducting our own internal inquiry, says Jan Eriksson, the CEO of the amusement park.

Region Stockholm has announced that a total of nine individuals, both adults and children, were taken to the hospital for medical treatment following the accident. Although initially reported as three individuals in critical condition, it was later updated to only one being critically injured. Among those injured are three children, all with minor injuries.

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