Full Video: Popo Viral Video With Statue Leaked

Netizens were shocked again by the circulation of the viral Popo statue (mannequin) video on Twitter. The download link for the 21-second statue viral Popo video on Twitter is also being hunted by curious netizens. The latest news, Popo Barbie, the TikTok celebrity, has been arrested by the police.

The TikTok celebrity from Kerinci, Jambi is now making controversy again. In the video that has gone viral on Twitter, Popo is shown carrying out immoral acts. This man with a bald head is seen holding his genitals in front of a mannequin or half-body model.

Popo seemed to be [email protected]@ting in front of the mannequin. He was also seen kissing and stroking the mannequin statue, which is usually used to demonstrate clothing or clothes in shops.

The action was carried out by Popo while still holding his genitals. Where in the video, Popo is only wearing a green shirt and is no longer wearing pants.

Popo’s viral video of the statue has now spread from Twitter to TikTok. The viral Popo statue video that is circulating lasts from 12 seconds to 21 seconds. In fact, Popo’s name was a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday, July 2, 2023.

The circulation of the Popo statue viral video was immediately responded to by the police. The Kerinci Police immediately intervened and secured Popo Barbie on Saturday, July 1 2023. This TikTok celebrity was arrested because he was considered to be disturbing the public due to the circulation of the viral video of the Popo statue on Twitter and TikTok.

This is known from the photo circulating on Twitter @kegblgunfaedh, where Popo can be seen sitting next to a mannequin statue, in front of a number of police officers who are not in uniform. Popo was seen wearing a brown shirt with a black hat.

Photos and videos showing the moment when Popo and the mannequin statue were secured by the police are also circulating on TikTok. Kasatreskrim Kerinci Police, namely AKP Edi Mardi, also confirmed that his party had secured Popo Barbie’s TikTok celebrity.

AKP Edi Mardi said that currently Popo is undergoing an examination process. Before being secured by the police, it turned out that Popo provided clarification regarding the video of the viral statue on his personal TikTok account @popobarbiegirl. In the video, Popo apologizes and provides clarification regarding the circulation of the viral video of the statue Popo.



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