Full Video: Pallegama Sumana Leaked Video

For the past few days, the Pallegama Sumana leaked video has been buzzing on the internet. Continue reading this article till the conclusion if you want to learn more about the controversy.

In today’s world, everyday news updates and videos become viral on the internet. It is difficult to retain privacy while remaining active on social media.

In addition, several celebrities frequently face criticism because leaked private videos of them. Meanwhile, other people have also been hurt by the same incident, which was falsely reported online.

Another video that has generated controversy recently has been making the rounds on the internet. In the Pallegama Sumana film, it is said that a monk and two ladies were captured in the act at the Sri Sumanarama Viharaya in the Ihala Bomiriya region.

The leaked Pallegama Sumana video has been popular on the internet recently. The footage of a monk and two ladies being apprehended by villagers has received a lot of social media shares.

They also attacked them after being found in a room with two women and a monk. In addition, they even tore women’s clothing.

It has been reported that a monk and two unidentified women were observed having a private time. Locals were upset as a result, and they attacked individuals responsible.

The video was recorded, and people have shared it on Twitter and other social media sites. It has drawn a lot of public attention as a result.

In a case involving the attack of a monk and two ladies at the Sri Sumanarama Viharaya in the Ihala Bomiriya region, eight persons were reportedly detained.

When a group attacked Ven. Pallegama Sumana Thera, a complaint was made. He was with a female relative and her daughter, according to Thera.

Videos of the incident, in which the group was seen forcibly stripping the women and assaulting them, went popular online and sparked discussion.

Those who have been freed on police bail, however, reportedly said that they went to the place after learning that the monk was there with two ladies.


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