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Connecting two vacation homes in the jungle above Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica, a collection of “Coco” art villas has been completed, with architecture by ARCHWERK and interiors by Formafatal. The Cottage Residence is a continuation of the Hidden Art Villas Resort, situated on a steep wooded hillside near the town of Uvita. Following the first visualizations unveiled earlier this summer, ‘Coco’ is part of a complex that represents a unique example of playful, engaging, sustainable and contemporary tropical architecture. When the client approached the design team, they wanted to create a place where visitors could immerse themselves in their natural surroundings, clear their minds, and experience luxury and adventure at the same time. “Coco” joins “Ateliervilla” and “Kunstvilla” by formafatal.


Click Here to Watch the Le@ked Video Now



Click Here to Watch the Le@ked Video Now

ARCHWERK and formafatal present ‘Coco’ Hidden Art Villas as a series of treehouses that create a retreat that is as luxurious as it is adventurous. Although the resort is perched on a jungle slope, the nest-like cottages are set in a landscaped garden devoid of mature trees. studio formafatal continued the work of archwerk architects and together with client Filip žák realized the layout of the various Coco buildings on the property. The complex of five holiday apartments hovers a few meters above the sloping site, absorbed by the lush tropical vegetation.

Click Here to Watch the Le@ked Video Now

studio formafatal and ARCHWERK have cleverly connected the individual ‘Coco’ holiday art villas with walkways and stairs made of wood and expanded metal mounted on steel columns. These platforms are stopping points for admiring the views of the countryside, and you can even hop on a trampoline on one of them. The walkways and terraces have a minimalist form, intentionally designed using the clean lines typical of the rest of the resort’s architecture. The main terrace with only two levels is designed according to the shape of the coconut house itself, with soft and organic shapes. These terraces are very close to the jungle and also offer views of the Pacific Ocean.

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