Carlee russell traffic camera video


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Carlee russell car video

The search for Carlee Russell continues, and Hoover police said they are reviewing traffic footage for any clues about her disappearance nearly 48 hours ago.

On Thursday night in Hoover, the red Mercedes Russell was driving slowly on the shoulder of Interstate 459 with her flashers on, according to the camera.

Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, was reportedly on her way home from work and picked up dinner at the Colonnade when she observed a little child on the motorway and stopped to see if she could help. This was according to police and Russell’s family.

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Russell’s brother’s girlfriend reported hearing Russell yell while they were on the phone. The girlfriend could only hear the sound of interstate traffic after that.

The video comes from Traffic Cam Archive, an online company that captures, catalogs, archives and sells traffic camera footage.

Since then, nobody has seen or heard from Russell.

On Saturday, Hoover police chief Nick Derzis said, “We have watched the video.” “It’s not the best,” you say.

The chief stated that they are attempting to enhance the footage in order to find further hints regarding Russell’s disappearance.

“It shows that Carlee’s car was there, and we know that she was not when the officers arrived following the 911 call,” Derzis added.

She is still missing and is our number one priority, he said. “Today, every available resource is being used.”

She remains missing and our top

Our biggest focus is still missing her,’’ he added. “Today, every available resource is being used.”

Derzis stated, “We’re working closely with the family to make sure they know exactly what we’re doing. “They are generating a large number of leads themselves and sending them our way.

Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama announced Saturday night that the reward for information leading to Russell’s safe return now stands at $58,260.95.

Anyone interested in making a donation can find a link to the organisation on its Facebook page.

Police issued a new image of Russell on Saturday, claiming it may better capture her present appearance.

Following up on numerous leads since our news conference yesterday, we have continued to use all of the Hoover Police Department’s resources.

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