Spain Split Face Diving Accident 2009 Original Survivor Real Graphic Video!

Spain Split Face Diving Accident 2009: The easiest way to make something viral is to just make a video and post it online. These days there are several videos are posted on the web and are going viral but sometimes the videos give information as well as show scary moments.One such accident video is getting viral and quite scary to watch giving goosebumps to those who are watching it. The keyword of the viral video is “Face Split Diving Spain Accident Video” but it is not the latest video as the incident happened 6-7 years back


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But the video is once again trending on Twitter and Reddit. People are searching for the video as well as want to know the news. In this blog, we are covering this news and talking about the incident which has happened with a boy.

Split Face Diving Accident Explained

As per the reports, the 16-year-old boy jumped off the seaside promenade of Beirut, but his feet slipped before going under the water. When his feet got slipped, he hit the fishing spot of a fisherman on the concrete slab instead of falling into the sea.

Initially, his face smashed into the concrete and after that, he fell into the sea. Many people were standing there but the incident had happened so suddenly that nobody was unable to save him.

Within a second, the water of the sea turned red with his blood. Individuals and boats were already present in the water attempting to aid the boy and in the video, we can hear the screaming voices of the people who witnessed it.

What Happened In The Face Split Diving Accident?

As per the reports, an innocent boy who was around 16 years old was playing with his life when he decided to dive into the water body. The boy was unaware of the fact that something unusual would happen with her which took his life.

He and his family never thought that it would be her last dive. As per the video, a boy face split from his body as he attempted to jump from an extreme height and deliberately jumped into the sea. This video created a lot of buzz in 2015 and now once again it is trading.

People are searching for this video with many different sets of keywords as there is no such particular keyword available and even the name of the boy is unknown. The information related to the victim and his family is not known.


The boy was instantly taken out from the sea and instantly taken to the hospital the doctor and nurses were taking care of him and his face was split from top to bottom and right down the middle. Many people called this video fake but as per the report the video is real and this incident happened in Beirut.

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