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Adriana La Cerva stars in The Sopranos. She is the girlfriend of Christopher Moltisanti and a typical Mafia minor who loves him and the various privileges that come with his position in the Di Meo family, but is also dissatisfied with the club and Interested in Music Management. She is played by Drea De Matteo.

Adriana, a lifelong New Jersey resident, is the daughter of Liz La Cerva, whose father abandoned her when she was a child. She was the niece of DiMeo family gangsters Jackie and Richie Aprile’s mother, both of whom were fiercely protective of her, which led Adriana to become actively involved in Mafia circles as an adult. Adrianna is an extremely friendly but somewhat materialistic young woman who is considered one of the most desirable girls in her area, even attracting the attention of several FBI agents who spent many years was later assigned to spy on her as part of the case against Tony Soprano. Although she was engaged to different men over the years – most notably Penn & Teller’s Penn Jillette, whom she gave a blowjob in the bathroom after a show, and indie pop Musician Richie Santini – but she ended up being Tony’s girlfriend. “Nephew” and his young protégé Christopher Moltisanti around the mid to late 1990s, both initially enjoying a very warm and loving relationship. However, due to their matching personalities, the two also supported each other’s drug use, particularly cocaine and heroin. Although they managed to control their addictions early on, they later became addicted to substance abuse, especially Christopher, which caused a rift between him and Tony. [6] Adriana later found a job as a restaurant waitress to support her and Christopher’s lifestyle and their low-income apartment.



The FBI has long viewed Adriana as a potential weak point in the family organization. In early 2001, after the death of Sal “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, the FBI believed Adriana was a close relative of a rising star in the crime family and sent Agent Deborah · Deborah Ciccerone befriended her. Cicerone managed to befriend Adriana, but they were forced to abort the mission early after Christopher attacked Cicerone, causing Adriana to defend her friend and accuse “Daniel” of trying to take action. Despite this, the FBI learned of Christopher’s heroin problem, which they knew would upset Tony Soprano, and turned Adriana into an informant, threatening her for distributing it at the nightclub she ran. jailed for cocaine. (Ironically, when Christopher recently purchased the nightclub and was not yet a heroin addict, he had already gotten rid of all the drug dealers, even though he was aware of the DEA’s interest in the nightclub.)

Out of loyalty to Christopher, Adriana avoids revealing any important information about the family and does her best to avoid the Sopranos so as not to have anything to give back to the government. When the FBI learned of her involvement in covering up the club murders, her deception was discovered and they threatened to charge her with accessory to murder unless she provided full cooperation, including wearing a wire. She decides to reveal the truth to Christopher in the hope that they can escape together and start a new life. Christopher was angry, beat her, nearly strangled her to death, and burst into tears. When he reveals Adriana’s identity as an informant to Tony Soprano, his loyalty to the crime family exceeds his love for them. Tony had Silvio Dante execute her the same day, on the pretext that he was taking her to see Christopher (Adrienne was said to have attempted suicide). Like Richie Appleley, Big Cat Bonpensiero and Ralph Cifaretto, not everyone is entirely sure what happened to her. Carmela and many others believe Adriana moved out after her breakup with Christopher.

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