Videos from the event at The Devenish are circulating on social media Belfast City Council has launched an investigation into a controversial X-rated show that took place at the Devenish Bar on Saturday night.

A spokesperson said that the council “is currently investigating the event at the Devenish Bar over the weekend”.

“As this is subject to an ongoing investigation, it would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.”

The man behind the group Pleasure Boys XXL has said the viewers of the event “stormed the stage” at the end of the performance – claiming attendees wanted “the full Monty”.

Businessman John Woodward spoke to BBC’s Nolan Show and defended the show, saying the “special event” is not degrading to the performers.

It’s after footage from the Valentine’s dinner circulated on social media and shows showed nude male dancers and female patrons mimicking sexual acts.

Clips of the performance show dancers involved in the show fully nude and dancing with attendees. Other videos show the male dancers mimicking sexual acts with some women in the audience.

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