Golaghat viral video 2023 link twitter, what happened in the video

The incident attracted media consideration, which flocked to the village the place the little lady lived.

Harshita Bora is a woman from the Golaghat district of Upper Assam.

In the video, she is noticed taking part in with and ingesting the elephant’s milk. The elephant known the lifestyles of the little lady, and in addition confirmed the little lady its maternal facet.



Later, Harshita was once additionally observed wearing the enormous plane by myself. She named the elephant “Binu”.
As conflicts between people and elephants proceed to be reported throughout Assam, this actual video has led to moderately a stir within the human global.

On February 15, Atul Bola, Minister of Agriculture of the state of Assam, danced to standard tunes with performers on the birthday party of the Ali Eligan Festival in Goraghat, Assam. The minister went out of his technique to dance with Boccahart’s formative years and locals. Ali-Ai-Ligang is a spring pageant celebrated in Assam and different northeastern states. The Agricultural Day marks the start of planting.

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