Karolina Huebner-Makurat dead and obituary, Family and friends remember mother

The woman, who was killed by a stray bullet during the daytime shooting in Leslieville on Friday, is remembered as a loving mother and friend with a gift for connecting with others.Image Content Warning: This story contains details that readers may find disturbing.

Karolina Huebner-Makurat, known to her family as Caroline, is survived by her husband Adrian Makurat and 7 daughters Claudia, 4, and Nella, 4.

The 44-year-old man was killed after an altercation between three men at the corner of Queen Street East and Kalaw Avenue around noon.

In a video shared by CTV News Toronto, four shots can be heard during the shooting. Toronto police are currently searching for three suspects in connection with the fatal incident.

“We’re really touched by the outpouring of support and it’s being handled somewhat right now,” Markurat told CTV News Toronto on Sunday.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Huebner-Makurat’s family, “who are heartbroken by this senseless death,” she read.

Huebner-Macurat took a walk down Queen Street to buy lunch before the shooting.

“Caroline loves life and is friends with everyone she meets. Her sense of humor always makes any situation easier. She is a kind person and always ready to lend a hand,” the organizers wrote.

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Markurat also told CTV News that his wife is a great communicator and very good at bringing people together.

She encouraged people to reach out and talk to each other with family, friends and colleagues she hasn’t seen in a long time.

“It’s great that trauma brings people together, but communication shouldn’t depend on difficulty. Caroline would love this. My goal is to continue connecting people around the world like Caroline did,” she said.

The GoFundMe page also described Huebner-Makurat as a shining light in the lives of her daughters, whose loss has left them facing unimaginable pain and uncertainty.

“Caroline was more than a mother, she was a mother, she was a source of love, strength and support to her daughters. She worked tirelessly to provide them with a stable and nurturing environment, striving to give them the best opportunities in life,” she reads on the page.

The online fundraiser said the funds raised would go towards ensuring the emotional and mental health of the family and providing “up close and personal” support to the family.

“Caroline’s spirit will always live on in her children, and through our collective efforts, we can ensure that her legacy continues to shine.”

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