Lauren Boebert theatre leaked full video on twitter, Vaping in a Denver Theater

Far-right Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado apologized Friday night for her behavior at a recent performance of the family-friendly musical “Beetlejuice” in Denver after surveillance footage showed She smoked and misbehaved in the theater.

Ms Boebert, 36, has previously denied reports that she had used e-cigarettes. She was ejected for “disrupting” the show after a pregnant woman sitting behind her asked her to stop, The Denver Post reported.

“The past few days have been difficult and humiliating, and I am deeply sorry for the unnecessary attention I brought to the community in Denver on Sunday night,” Ms. Boebert said in a statement Friday night. “While nothing I did or said as a private citizen that night was intended to be malicious or harmful, it is what it is and I regret it.”

Ms Boebert, who can be seen on video fondling and walking her date in the middle of a packed theatre, blamed her behavior on what she called a “public and difficult divorce”, saying: “I just closed off my Values.” Sunday. “

Ms. Boebert, a mother of four boys, likes to show photos of her new grandchild to congressional colleagues, and when she asked her campaign to issue a statement denying this, she said she “truly did not remember smoking an e-cigarette that night.” cigarette”. She said she had to work hard to regain the trust of voters in her district.

That could be a tall order for Ms. Boebert, who won re-election in 2022 by just 546 votes.

If her close re-election campaign sent a message that Colorado voters didn’t like her destructive politics, she clearly didn’t get it. Since January, she has frequently acted in ways that many Republicans have viewed as negatively impacting her ability to gain control of the House in 2024 and keep her seat.

In June, Ms. Boebert sought to force a vote to impeach President Biden, claiming his immigration policies constituted high crimes and misdemeanors. Some of her colleagues called the move “crazy” and it was ultimately referred to a committee for further investigation.

Ms. Boebert was one of the most staunch opponents of Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California in January’s tense speakership race, seizing maximum exposure on Fox News. In the House, she developed an aggressive public persona, sometimes harassing her Democratic colleagues in the halls of the Capitol and largely ignoring reporters’ questions, except for sometimes loudly declaring “I love President Trump!”

This behavior has also won the admiration of those on the right. Ms. Boebert, who often wears five-inch Plexiglas heels and body-hugging dresses, has a nationwide fan base that loves her incendiary antics and extreme rhetoric.

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